Download the Freedom of Thought Report 2014

Please consider supporting our work. If you’re downloading the Freedom of Thought Report today, a $20 donation could help us review and improve our information on a country next year; or a $50 donation could provide support for a day of Humanist advocacy by our delegation at the United Nations.

Gulalai Ismail and Aggie Ojera both work to uphold and promote human rights and freedoms. In the foreword to the 2014 Freedom of Thought Report they write: “It is not simply about having these freedoms, or being granted them, for having being granted they can always be revoked, or degraded over time. We must actively work, all of us, to continually create these freedoms by living them and championing them.

At IHEU we champion Humanist values of freedom, democracy and human rights in many ways. IHEU is an accredited NGO (non-government organization) at the United Nations, where we regularly confront flagrant abuses by states such as Saudi Arabia, have given voice to the victims of anti-atheist persecution, and work with others to champion other vital human rights issues. We work for the growth and enrichment of our Humanist member organizations around the world and support progressive, Humanist initiatives.